Albert Speer was a German architect in Nazi Germany.

In the Timeless Universe Edit

On December 7, 1944, Albert Speer gives a speech in German as Wernher von Braun is awarded a medal. Later, von Braun and Speer explain the V2 rocket to Garcia Flynn, while Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, Wyatt Logan, and Ian Fleming spy on them.

Later, at the party at Castle Varlar, Fleming points a gun to Flynn's back. Flynn expected this, and warned the Nazis, including Speer, about a British spy and an accomplice. Speer points a gun to Lucy's head to make Fleming take the gun off of Flynn's back. Fleming and Lucy are taken away by Nazis. Wyatt and Rufus see that Lucy is in danger, and begin to detonate the V2 rocket that was planned to launch. Flynn warns Speer there may be more spies. Speer sends out a patrol to sweep the party clear of spies.

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Wikipedia Albert Speer at Wikipedia

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