Allison was an air stewardess who stayed at the Toledo Express Inn on May 19, 1983 and friend of Claire Gilliam.

Biography Edit

When Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin travelled back to 1983 to prevent the conception of Wes Gilliam and murder of Jessica Logan, conditions are not exactly as expected. Because of this, Wyatt asks a group of stewardesses, including Allison, where Claire Gilliam was claiming that he was a high school friend of her's. Allison tells Wyatt that she's staying at the Toledo Express Inn. Once Wyatt leaves, she starts talking about how cute Wyatt is to the rest of the stewardesses.

Later, Allison and the other stewardesses show up to the Toledo Express Inn, and talk to Claire. Allison tells Claire the story Wyatt told her, that Claire and Wyatt were high school friends, but Claire tells Allison that truth, that she just met Wyatt. This creates very confusing and scary situation, causing Allison and Joel Bender to try to keep Wyatt away from Claire for her safety.

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