"Atomic City" is the third episode from Season 1 of Timeless. It premiered on October 17, 2016.



The team tracks Flynn to 1962 Las Vegas where they end up on the run with the era's most infamous mistress.


The MissionEdit

Flynn's AgendaEdit

  • Flynn attempts to blackmail Judith Campbell into giving him access to the U.S. Army base outside Las Vegas, so that he and his team can steal the plutonium core to an atomic bomb. Were she to refuse to cooperate, Flynn would expose her affair with President John F. Kennedy.

Changes to the TimelineEdit

One plutonium core was appropriated by Flynn and buried; the core was recovered in the present day and applied to the Mothership.




Historical FiguresEdit

Episode NotesEdit

  • This episode was originally titled "Summit at the Sands", a reference to the Las Vegas hotel that became the unofficial hangout of the "Rat Pack" during the 1960s. The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, would perform, and party, at the hotel, along with occasional female mascots such as actresses Angie Dickinson and Shirley MacLaine. At the time, Lawford was also President John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law, and would have known Judith Campbell.


  • During the episode, Wyatt and Rufus make comments that refer to the Back to the Future trilogy. Rufus mentions betting on who wins the next 50 World Series games, something that is described in Back to the Future Part 1 and happens in Part 2. Later, Wyatt sends a telegram to his wife just like Doc Brown did in Part 2.


  • "Come Fly with Me" by Frank Sinatra (1957)
  • "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" by Dean Martin (1960)
  • "Luck Be a Lady" by Frank Sinatra (1963)

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