Carolyn Preston is an agent of Rittenhouse and the mother of Lucy Preston.

Biography Edit

In the original timeline, Carolyn Preston met Henry Wallace in 1979 while at the University of California, Berkeley. The two said that it was love at first sight and later married. However, Carolyn eventually had an affair with Benjamin Cahill that resulted in the birth of Lucy Preston in 1983. Lucy was raised believing Henry was her father. In 1990, Henry and Carolyn had a daughter together named Amy Preston. Wallace got Carolyn to start smoking which caused her to become gravely ill.

In the altered timeline, Lucy, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin prevent all deaths on the Hindenburg. Because of this, Henry Wallace marries Elizabeth Merrick, granddaughter of a Hindenburg survivor Irene Doehner. In this timeline, Wallace and Carolyn never meet, resulting in Amy Preston never being born, Carolyn becoming well because she never started smoking, and Lucy finding out that Henry Wallace was never her biological father. (“Pilot”)

Carolyn still met Benjamin Cahill while she was a junior in college and he was a professor and had a relationship with him. In the altered timeline, however, he offered to marry her after she told him she was pregnant and she refused, after which they never spoke again.

Later, Carolyn reveals to Lucy that her biological father is Benjamin Cahill. Carolyn later also reveals that not only is Benjamin a Rittenhouse member, but so is she. (“The Red Scare”)