Emma Whitmore is an engineer for Mason Industries, and the pilot of the original time machine, who is believed to be dead. She is played by Annie Wersching.


Emma Whitmore was the second pilot of the Lifeboat alongside Anthony Bruhl. She claimed that the more she traveled through time, the more she received threats from Rittenhouse until one day in 2014, she evaded Rittenhouse by faking her death and stranding herself in Missouri in the 1880s. Emma supposedly stayed in that timeline for roughly a decade until April 3, 1882, when Garcia Flynn, with the aid of Jesse James, met her and took her with him to the Mothership. (“The Murder of Jesse James”)

It was later revealed by Carolyn Preston that Emma is a member of Rittenhouse. After the capture of Garcia Flynn, she is depicted taking the Mothership for Rittenhouse over the bodies of agents sent to secure it. (“The Red Scare”). Emma resents Lucy, because, while she worked hard to rise up the ranks of Rittenhouse, Lucy has status because was born into old Rittenhouse families. (“The War to End All Wars”)