Garcia Flynn is a former NSA asset who steals a time machine with the intention of stopping an organization called Rittenhouse that had been trying to change history.


Garcia Flynn is described as a dangerous man who is guided by a journal from the future written by Lucy Preston. Flynn is trying to stop an organization called Rittenhouse by changing key events in history that allowed them to gain power. According to Garcia Flynn, the story of how he murdered his own family is a lie and it is really Rittenhouse that murdered them because he found out about the organization.

Season 1Edit

1937: "Pilot" Edit

With the help of a mysterious diary from the future, Garcia Flynn is able to break into Mason Industries and steal the time machine and travel back to the events of the Hindenburg. (“Pilot”)

1865: "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"Edit

Flynn introduces himself to the infamous actor responsible for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth. Flynn arms Booth's co-conspirators, George Atzerodt and Lewis Powell, with modern handguns to help them perform their assassinations against Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William H. Seward. In a shoot out, Flynn shoots Wyatt Logan, injuring him but not killing him. Booth refused to cooperate with Flynn and accept the modern handgun, so Flynn performed the Lincoln assassination himself, but failed to kill General Ulysses S. Grant. (“The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”)

1962: "Atomic City"Edit

Flynn captures images of JFK and his mistress, Judith Campbell together in a hotel room. Flynn uses the photos he took to blackmail Judith into helping him gain access to the nuclear weapons testing site. (“Atomic City”)

1944: "Party At Castle Varlar"Edit

Flynn, posing as a wealthy German man, Mr. "Vogel", who is interested in helping to further Wernher von Braun's nuclear research, makes his way into Nazi Germany. Due to his hefty contribution he is then invited to Castle Varlar where he runs into Lucy Preston. She asks him how helping these monsters is for the greater good. "Do you really think that I want to help these Bastards? That it helps me sleep at night?" Flynn says. Flynn then tells Lucy that he wishes that she could see the bigger picture, that what he's doing is for the greater good. It's revealed that Flynn's plan for Wernher von Braun is to hand him over to the Soviet Union. Flynn says that killing him would be easier, but less damaging, it's assumed that he is talking about Rittenhouse. After Ian Fleming attempts to rescue Lucy from Flynn, they are surrounded by Nazi soldiers, since Flynn informed them earlier of the possibility of spies infiltrating the castle. Flynn then attempts to kidnap von Braun during the failed launch (thanks to Rufus and Wyatt) of the nuclear missile. However von Braun is instead rescued by Lucy's team and they manage to escape through a secret passage in the castle before Flynn can get to them. (“Party at Castle Varlar”)

1836: "The Alamo"Edit

During the battle of The Alamo, Flynn makes his way to the Mexican army's camp and is then taken to the tent of Mexican President/ General Santa Anna. There, Flynn presents Santa Anna with a bag of gold and tells him that he is a Spanish Colonel sent by Spain's queen, Isabella II to offer assistance. He then tells Santa Anna that he can help him to crush the Texas rebellion once and for all.

Flynn then infiltrates the Alamo. There, he meets Colonel William B. Travis, Flynn tells Travis that he is a great admirer of his. Flynn states that he knows how difficult it is to be a true patriot, especially when everyone around you thinks you are crazy. Even though you may not have many people behind your cause, you know what you're doing is for the greater good. However, since Travis was informed by Wyatt and Lucy to watch for a "tall, dark haired Mexican sympathizer with a strange accent" and, noting that Flynn matches this description exactly, he is unimpressed by Flynn's praise. Travis then attempts to shoot Flynn. It's made apparent however, that Flynn was somehow able to disable Travis's gun earlier, allowing Flynn to kill him before he finishes his famous letter. Flynn then makes his escape back to the Mexican lines. After Flynn arrives back at Santa Anna's tent, he discovers that Santa Anna has decided to launch his attack on The Alamo early. Despite Flynn's objections, Santa Anna refuses to allow the women and children in The Alamo fort to leave unharmed. Flynn is notably shocked and horrified, stating that he is a husband and a father, and notes that Santa Anna is as well. But Santa Anna states that this is war and that if they allow anyone to escape, keeping Travis's letter from being finished and released to the rest of the nation would be rendered pointless. Under further objections from Flynn, Santa Anna threatens Flynn's life, stating that this is his war, not Flynn's. (“The Alamo”)

1972: "The Watergate Tape"Edit

Flynn goes to Washington DC to retrieve the Watergate tape and a "Doc" that Rittenhouse wants. He states " If Rittenhouse wants it, I want it first". He kidnapped Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus and sent Lucy and Rufus to recover the doc because he had already killed 2 federal agents and the police were looking for him. He kept Wyatt as motivation for them. In the episode Flynn also revealed why he wants to stop Rittenhouse: they killed his family. He also gave some insight into how Wyatt's wife, Jessica came to be murdered. later Wyatt escaped and the Time Team set up Flynn and Rittenhouse to go to the same location which resulted in a shootout and Flynn killed all the agents.


Not much is known about Garcia Flynn's wife and child other than that, according to Flynn, they were murdered by Rittenhouse. Flynn's wife was named Lorena (1976 - 2014) and his daughter was named Iris (2009 - 2014).(“Stranded”)

Relationships Edit

Lucy PrestonEdit

Actual relationship is unknown. When they meet at a train station in 1865 Flynn hints that he knows Lucy, and that in the future she helps him in his quest to stop Rittenhouse. (“The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”) In Germany he hints that there is more to the scenario than she knows and tells her that he wishes she could see that what he's doing is for the greater good.(“Party at Castle Varlar”) Flynn also claims to know what Lucy looks like in the future. Flynn has had a few romantic interacts with Lucy.

Anthony BruhlEdit

It was first believed that Garcia Flynn kidnapped Anthony Bruhl to pilot the time machine.(“Pilot”) Later it is revealed that Bruhl is actually a willing participant in Garcia Flynn's plans to take down Rittenhouse by changing history. Connor Mason hypothesizes that Bruhl may be part of the reason why it was so easy for Garcia Flynn to break into Mason Industries, and steal the Time Machine. (“Atomic City”)

Wyatt LoganEdit

Flynn and Wyatt absolutely do not like each other. Despite their similar background, Wyatt thinks Flynn is unlikable and untrustworthy. They have also tried to kill each other multiple times. Flynn and Wyatt tend to avoid each other.

Notes Edit