Jiya is portrayed by actor Claudia Doumit.


Jiya is an employee for Mason Industries that works with Rufus Carlin, Anthony Bruhl and Connor Mason. She is part of the team that helped to make the time machine that was stolen by Garcia Flynn. and has been instrumental in helping to track down the stolen time machine's whereabouts so that their team can stop Flynn from altering history as we know it.

During most of the first season, Jiya works from the control center and does not actually travel through time with the team as they track down Flynn. In one episode, Connor Mason begins to train her as a pilot (to replace Rufus), although she has trouble successfully operating the simulator.

In the season one finale The Red Scare, Jiya time travels with the team to assist Rufus after he had been shot. She ends up losing consciousness in 1954, which Rufus believes may be because the ship was only designed to carry three people. She recovers in the hospital after their return, but then experiences another brief episode of her eyes rolling to the back of her head. We then get a peek at the window of the Golden Gate Bridge when it was being built.

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