Lucy Preston is played by Abigail Spencer.


Lucy Preston is a genius professor of history and anthropology of American political movements at Stanford University, chosen to undo the damage in time done by Garcia Flynn. She thinks of herself as a nerdy person, as she skipped her high school prom to go to a speaking and debating tournament and holds no regrets over the decision.


Lucy has a sister named Amy Preston, who is 7 years younger than her. She appears in the "Pilot" and makes brief cameos in later episodes after she is erased from Lucy's timeline due to consequences from Lucy's first time travel mission.

Carolyn Preston, Lucy's mother, first appears sick with lung cancer in the "Pilot" due to smoking.

However, after Lucy, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin make significant changes in their first mission (saving the Hindenburg), Lucy comes home to discover that her mother is healthy and alive.

Carolyn makes frequent appearances throughout the show, and in the "Red Scare" she reveals to Lucy that she works for Rittenhouse. Lucy's bloodline is very powerful within Rittenhouse, so much that Emma Whitmore bitterly nicknamed her "Princess" and held jealousy over Lucy's essentially inherited position.

Lucy's father, Henry Wallace, is mentioned several times in the show, but never appears. Later, however, Lucy discovers that Henry wasn't her biological father. This is revealed when her sister Amy is erased from history due to Henry and Lucy's mother Carolyn never meeting in the new alternate timeline. Lucy's mother, in the alternate timeline, later reveals her biological father's name, Benjamin Cahill.

After believing her friends to be killed in an explosion, Lucy is forcefully inducted into Rittenhouse by her mother. Six weeks following this, Lucy goes on a mission with Emma Whitmore to save a soldier named Nicholas Keynes. Lucy eventually splits with Whitmore and her mother after discovering her friends to be alive and her plan to blow up the Mothership is exposed. Despite everything, the Rittenhouse mission to save Keynes is ultimately successful. Keynes is revealed by Carolyn to be Lucy’s maternal great-grandfather, and he had already written out a manifesto about how to use a time machine to make a world most favorable to Rittenhouse rule.

Episodes - Season 1

1937 - Episode 1: "Pilot"

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus then went to New Jersey to prevent Flynn from altering the Hindenburg's fate. (“Pilot”)

1865 - Episode 2: "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus then went to Washington, D.C. to prevent Flynn from assisting in John Wilkes Booth in his assassination of Abraham Lincoln and his co-conspirators in killing General Ulysses S. Grant, Secretary of State William H. Seward, and Vice President Andrew Johnson. After unsuccessfully getting Flynn, the team goes their separate ways. Lucy arrives home to find that she is engaged to a man named Noah. (“The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”)

1962 - Episode 3: "Atomic City"

The trio go to Vegas in 1962 to figure out what Flynn wants to do. They look around in the casino where Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, and Dean Martin play for President John F. Kennedy. There, Wyatt spots Flynn taking away Judith Campbell. After Wyatt fights with Flynn, Flynn gets away and the trio try to protect Judith Campbell. However, Judith Campbell escapes and helps Flynn get a nuke. Flynn gets the nuke and leaves Vegas while the trio go home, unsuccessful. (“Atomic City”)

1944 - Episode 4: "Party at Castle Varlar"

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus go back in the Lifeboat to track down Flynn in Nazi Germany. When Lucy and Wyatt go to the bar, they meet up with Ian Fleming. Lucy and Wyatt are starstruck, but they eventually calm down and ask Ian Fleming for help. Ian Fleming decides to help the Time Team and they come up with a plan to get Wernher von Braun, an important scientist who influences the American Space program to successfully have someone sent to the moon, away from Flynn. Lucy has an emotional breakdown, but Wyatt helps her get through her problem by talking with her. Ian and Lucy go to the party and wait to get Wernher von Braun, but then Flynn gets him before them. Eventually, the trio and Ian Fleming get Wernher von Braun and they turn him to the Allies. The trio once again go home without Flynn. (“Party at Castle Varlar”)

1836 - Episode 5: "The Alamo"

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus travel back to Texas during the Alamo. They arrive days before the fight between General Santa Anna and the people from the Alamo. However, Flynn changes history by convincing the General to attack the Alamo earlier and not allow the women and children from escaping to safety. Flynn finds a way to get inside the Alamo and he murders William B. Travis, the person who wrote the historic "Victory or Death" letter, and prevents him from writing his letter for help. With Travis dead, Lucy needs to write the letter, while Wyatt fights with the men and Rufus looks for a way for them to escape. Rufus discovers a way, and Lucy goes into the battlefield to tell him there is a way of escape; Wyatt decides to stay, but Lucy insists and persuades him to come with them. Wyatt goes with Lucy, and he convinces John William Smith to deliver the letter while Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett fight the Mexicans. The trio successfully go home, but then they are told that Wyatt is fired; Lucy objects and Rufus as well and they keep Wyatt on the team. (“The Alamo”)

1972 - Episode 6: " The Watergate Tape"

Flynn jumps back in the past and goes to Washington D.C. during the Nixon trials. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus go back during the Nixon trials, but Flynn outsmarts them and kidnaps the team. He tells the team that he had the missing Nixon tape before it was destroyed. However, he needs the team to do something for him. He needs them to find the "doc" President Nixon kept referring to about Rittenhouse. Flynn also tells the team about Lucy's journal; Wyatt and Rufus are shocked about the revelation, but then Lucy tells Flynn she and Rufus will help him find what he wants. Wyatt is left alone with Flynn and Flynn tells Wyatt about his wife's death. Wyatt is shocked. Lucy and Rufus discover that the "doc" is not a document, but a person. Rufus does a ruse for Rittenhouse and Flynn to get the "doc", while they save the former Rittenhouse member and Wyatt. The trio goes home safe and alive, but Wyatt distrusts his team after they lied to him. (“The Watergate Tape”)

1754 - Episode 7: "Stranded"

The trio are stuck in 1754 after Flynn sabotages the Lifeboat. Rufus tells the trio he will try to repair the Lifeboat, but he needs supplies. They get captured by the Shawnee tribe and are put to be executed. The chieftess Nonhelema spares Rufus' life, but she orders to execute Lucy and Wyatt. Rufus convinces Nonhelema to spare their lives, and they go to the French camp to get supplies for the Lifeboat. They do this, and Rufus successfully fixes the Lifeboat, and they receive help from Mason and Jiya and they successfully come home. Afterwards, the trio reconcile their relationships with each other. (“Stranded”)

1969 - Episode 8: "Space Race

Flynn travels back to Houston, Texas during the Space Race for the 1st man to go to the Moon. He forges some IDs for him to be granted access to go inside the Manned Spacecraft Center and he has Anthony Bruhl insert a virus in the computer system and this disables the Mission Control communication with the Apollo 11. Rufus confronts Anthony when Rufus is trying to get rid of the worm from the system with the help of Katherine Johnson. Rufus kills Jay, one of Flynn's men, but Anthony escapes. Flynn meets up with Maria Thompkins and her son, Gabriel. Wyatt tries to warn Maria that Flynn is a Russian spy and a threat. Flynn shows up in her home and he gives Gabriel a shot of medicine. However, Maria doesn't know and she tries to stop Flynn, but he explains he is giving medicine to counteract the bee stung. Wyatt sees Flynn, but Flynn escapes and leaves. Back in the present, the trio discovers that Maria Thompkins was Garcia Flynn's mother and Gabriel was his half-brother. (“Space Race”)

1934 - Episode 9: "Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde

Flynn is off again to the 30's and he is searching for a special key. Lucy is at the wardroom dock searching for a dress when Wyatt confronts her about her engagement ring. She explains she still is engaged to Noah because she thought maybe she is meant to be with him although she does not love him. They talk until Agent Christopher interrupts them to hurry. They are off to Arkansas in the 30's and Lucy and Wyatt go inside a bank and they look around when Bonnie and Clyde take over the bank. Lucy sees that Bonnie has the key they need so they pretend they are a couple like Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde open their home to them and Lucy and Wyatt continue to pretend to be a couple. When Lucy asks about the key in their kitchen, Bonnie explains that Clyde gave her the key when she got engaged to him and tells the story to Lucy. After Bonnie asks about her engagement story, Lucy falters for an answer when Wyatt interrupts and tells Bonnie and Clyde his engagement story. After relating the story to them, he tries to make it convincing and he unexpectedly kisses Lucy for a bit. This leaves Lucy and Wyatt feeling confused, but they try to keep up the act. They continue to play their part as Wyatt holds Lucy and calls her "Babydoll" while they talk with the Barrow Gang. Bonnie and Clyde go to sleep while Lucy and Wyatt talk for a bit about love and fate, and then Wyatt hears Clyde fall asleep. They try to get the key, but they are unsuccessful. Then Flynn and the police officers arrive at the cabin and start shooting at Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde gets shot to his death and Bonnie gets shot, but Flynn gets the key before she's killed. The trio goes home; Wyatt awkwardly apologizes to Lucy for kissing her unexpectedly. They are on good terms, and they say goodbye by calling each other their nicknames, "Babydoll" and "Sweetheart". (“Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”)

1780 - Episode 10: "The Capture of Benedict Arnold"

The Time Team goes back to the 1700s and they get confronted by General Washington and takes them in custody; there they meet Flynn acting as a Prussian spy. Flynn tries to make a deal and he wants them to help him capture Benedict Arnold or else they would get hanged by Washington. Flynn promises to give back the Mothership to them and give the name of the murderer of Jessica Logan after they capture Benedict Arnold because he is one of the founding members of Rittenhouse. The team complies, and they do capture Benedict Arnold and Benedict Arnold shows them David Rittenhouse and John Rittenhouse. However, Rittenshouse has his men point guns at the team, Flynn, and Benedict Arnold. He gets the modern gun from Wyatt and uses it to kill Benedict Arnold. Flynn and Wyatt were going to get shot until Rufus breaks in and starts shooting. They attack Rittenhouse's men and Flynn shoots Rittenhouse himself, but then he runs off to kill the boy. Lucy tries to stop him from killing the boy and the boy runs away. Flynn gets mad and he kidnaps Lucy and takes her to the Mothership. Rufus and Wyatt hear her screams, but when they arrive to get Lucy, they are too late. (“The Capture of Benedict Arnold”)

1893 - Episode 11: "The World's Columbian Exposition"

Rufus and Wyatt go back to the Lifeboat and jump back to present day after Flynn kidnaps Lucy. Rufus and Wyatt try to track down the Mothership and they find out Flynn has gone to Chicago World's Fair. They go to the fair. They arrive at the fair, and they spot Flynn's men in the crowd. Rufus and Wyatt follow the man to a hotel. They lost track of him, but then they get trapped in the hotel. They stay trapped until after Harry Houdini tricks Flynn and Lucy finds them. However, after Lucy is left alone, she gets kidnapped by H. H. Holmes, a serial killer. Later she is rescued by Wyatt and Rufus and Wyatt kills H. H. Holmes. After this, the trio goes home. (“The World's Columbian Exposition”)​​​​​​

1882 - Episode 12: "The Murder of Jesse James"

Flynn is on the move and he travels back in time to the late 1800s. The team goes back and they ask around for help. Until they meet the Lone Ranger, Bass Reeves, they don't find Flynn. When they receive help from the Lone Ranger and his friend, Grant Johnson, they find Flynn and Jesse James. However, the team, and Bass Reeves and Grant Johnson get ambushed by Jesse James while Flynn and Emma Whitmore, former time travel pilot, had previously escaped. Johnson dies in the attack, but then Wyatt attacks Jesse James. However, Lucy kills Jesse James even though Reeves says not to. The team returns home and informs Agent Christopher that the once dead time travel pilot is alive. Wyatt invites Rufus to a bar and asks Rufus to help him save his wife. (“The Murder of Jesse James”)

1983 - Episode 13: "Karma Chameleon"

After Flynn reveals Jessica's killer, Wyatt decides to steal the Lifeboat to save his wife from dying. He informs Lucy his plan, and she decides to come along, but he persuades her to stay and tell Agent Christopher what had happened. Rufus and Wyatt go back in time to the year 1983 to prevent the conception of the killer Wes Gilliam. Rufus and Wyatt successfully accomplish their goal, but the father of the killer, Joel Bender, dies from hitting his neck on a parking block in an attempt to escape. While this is happening, Lucy meets up with Anthony to discuss about how to get rid of Rittenhouse for all. He tells her he is going to destroy the Mothership so Rittenhouse won't get it. After their meeting, Agent Christopher shows a picture of a man talking with Mr. Mason. However, that man is Lucy's biological father and she realizes that he is part of Rittenhouse. Unfortunately when Rufus and Wyatt come back, Wyatt's wife is still dead, but the other women are alive. Wyatt is taken away from the police and Lucy confronts her father about Rittenhouse. (“Karma Chameleon”)

1927 - Episode 14: "The Lost Generation"

Lucy and Rufus go on their first mission without Wyatt since he is incarcerated for stealing the Lifeboat. Wyatt is replaced with a friend named Master Sgt. David Baumgardner. They go to Paris to find Flynn and they discover that Flynn is after Charles Lindbergh. However, in pursuit of Emma Whitmore, after she is spotted inside the same room with the team, Karl shoots at them. Dave shoots back at them, but he gets shot and dies from the gunshot wound. Without Dave to protect them, Rufus and Lucy seek someone else to find Flynn. In their search, they find Ernest Hemingway, who acts as a temporary soldier. They manage to spare Lindbergh's life, but Flynn gains intelligence about Rittenhouse from the interaction. While this is happening, Wyatt, still incarcerated, tells Agent Christopher that something fishy is happening. Agent Christopher helps Wyatt escape from his cell. Lucy and Rufus meet up with Agent Christopher in a warehouse in Oakland, CA. There they meet Wyatt and they come up with a plan to fight against Rittenhouse. (“The Lost Generation”)

1931 - Episode 15: "Public Enemy No.1"

Agent Jake Neville assigns Rufus and Lucy to go to Houston, Texas in 1962 to eliminate Flynn's mother with Master Sgt. Caleb Sullivan. However, Rufus and Lucy come with a plan to steal the Lifeboat from Rittenhouse. Rufus makes a computer worm to prevent the people working for Rittenhouse to find them so they can meet up with Agent Christopher and Wyatt. They drug the new soldier, and they decide to help Lucy get her sister back, but then Flynn jumps to another time period and the team pursues him. They meet with Eliot Ness, who wants to bring Al Capone to justice, and they team up with him, but then he gets shot down by Flynn's men. The team decide to seek help from Al Capone's brother who goes by the name Richard Hart. He helps them, but Al Capone shoots Rufus and in turn the elder brother shoots Al Capone dead. Rufus is badly injured and the team takes him to the Lifeboat to bring him back home. (“Public Enemy No. 1”)

1954 - Episode 16: "The Red Scare" (Finale)

Rufus survives his gunshot wound after Noah, Lucy's fiance, helps him. However, after he does, Lucy ends her engagement with him. Later, Agent Christopher and Jiya arrive where the team is after Rittenhouse takes over. Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Jiya go inside the Lifeboat and travel to 1954 after Flynn goes there and when Rittenhouse arrives at the warehouse.They arrive in 1954, Lucy and Wyatt look for Flynn, but Jiya and Rufus stay behind. However, Jiya suffers a seizure while they are gone. Lucy and Wyatt are taken in custody when Flynn tells Sen. Joseph McCarthy that they are Russian spies. Flynn speaks to Lucy and he tells her that he is going to destroy all the Rittenhouse people in one meeting. He tells Lucy her grandfather, Ethan Cahill, will be at the summit. Lucy and Wyatt try to stop Flynn by looking for Lucy's grandfather. They find Lucy's grandfather and they tell her about what they know. He helps them by taking them to the summit. At the summit, Lucy confronts Flynn and tells him to stop since she found another way to get rid of Rittenhouse. Flynn listens to her and stops from doing his plan. When Lucy comes back to the present, Ethan Cahill had been keeping information about Rittenhouse and they use this information to arrest the members from Rittenhouse. Lucy meets up with Flynn a final time and he gives her the journal. However, Flynn gets arrested from Agent Christopher's team. Later, Agent Christopher informs Lucy she will help her get her sister back. Lucy and Wyatt say goodbye to each other, but they are reluctant to say bye. Their friendship moves to something deeper after they hug each other and Wyatt says he is not ready to say goodbye to her yet. They are about to kiss, when Connor Mason interrupts them. Lucy tells Wyatt she would come back because she needs to talk with her mother. She then discovers her mother is part of Rittenhouse. (“The Red Scare”)


Wyatt Logan

Assigned to work together, Lucy and Wyatt often clashed initially because of their respective lines of work and opposing views. (“Pilot”) The more time they spent together, though, the more they bonded. (“Atomic City”) They both came to respect each other's views, and Lucy was happy to have Wyatt by her side during the missions. (“The Alamo”) Lucy's feelings for Wyatt started to develop, but she didn't act on them because of his grief over losing his wife, Jessica. She gave him space and still supported him the only way she could. (“Karma Chameleon”) Lucy eventually admitted her feelings to him, saying he's the reason she keeps going. (“Hollywoodland”) When Jessica came back, Lucy stepped aside to let Wyatt be happy, and also convinced Jessica to give Wyatt a second chance out of love for Wyatt. (“The Kennedy Curse”) She was hurt by losing him, though, and tried to keep her distance, which Wyatt didn't take well. (“The King of the Delta Blues”) Lucy, though, finally stood her ground and told Wyatt he broke her heart, but she needs to accept it for his sake, and so does he. (“Mrs. Sherlock Holmes”) Wyatt eventually tells Lucy that he loves her, but she's unable to respond, as she's been hurt by him before. (“Chinatown”)

Garcia Flynn

Flynn and Lucy started as enemies, but after a long time and a lot of trouble by Rittenhouse, they appear to be good friends for the time being.


After coming home from Lucy's second mission, Lucy discovers she is engaged to a doctor named Noah. While she doesn't know him, she comes across photo albums of the two's time together and he says they have been dating for several years. She continues to be engaged to him, even trying to get to know him, until the first season finale when Lucy finally breaks off their engagement. (“Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”)


  • Lucy is claustrophobic due to a near fatal car accident she was in during college. She landed in a river and was stuck in the car as water began to fill it, leaving her terrified, until a passerby found and rescued her. She hasn't been able to handle being in small or confined spaces ever since.
  • She wanted to join a band when she was younger before deciding to become a historian to honor her mother. During one of her missions with the team, she is forced to sing in front of a crowd to maintain her cover. It is then revealed that she is a talented singer.
  • She can speak some French.
  • Her parents belong to Rittenhouse.
  • Brave, but sometimes naive.
  • She has written a book that includes information on the moments of John Wilkes Booth on the day he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. She named Abraham Lincoln to be her favorite historical figure and used to memorize and recite his speeches as a child just for fun.