Maria Thompkins is the mother of Garcia Flynn and Gabriel Thompkins. Maria worked at Lockman Aerospace, first as a secretary, later as an engineer.

Biography Edit

In 1969, Maria Thompkins was a widow with a son named Gabriel. Two years later, she becomes an engineer at Lockman Aerospace. She works over seas and marries a man named Asher Flynn. Asher Flynn and Maria have a child together named Garcia Flynn who grows up to work for the National Security Agency.

In the original timeline, Gabriel is killed due to an allergic reaction to a bee sting on July 20, 1969, causing Maria to become deeply saddened.

In the altered timeline, Garcia travels back to that day and gives Gabriel epinephrine, saving his life. Gabriel continued to live until at least 2016, and likely is still alive.

In 2017, Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, and Caleb Sullivan are put on a mission by Agent Jake Neville to kill Maria Thompkins while she's an innocent seventeen year old junior at Sam Houston Highschool on May 3, 1962. When the team goes back to 1962, they tranquilize Sullivan, and go back to 2017, stealing the Lifeboat and reconvening with Agent Denise Christopher and Wyatt Logan.

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