"The Alamo" is the fifth episode from Season 1 of Timeless. It premiered on October 31, 2016.



The team learns about courage at the Battle of the Alamo.


After one member is fired from the team, Flynn returns to a pivotal event in the war over Texas -- the Battle of the Alamo. The team members find themselves stranded inside the famous fort, surrounded by Mexican soldiers, knowing that everyone inside is fated to die. Now, with no hope of rescue and facing insurmountable odds, the trio of heroes learns the meaning of trust and sacrifice from people prepared to die for those around them.

The MissionEdit

Flynn's AgendaEdit

  • Bribe Mexican President Santa Anna into attacking the Alamo Mission three days ahead of its original date.
  • Kill William B. Travis, thus preventing him from writing his "Victory or Death" open letter.

Changes to the TimelineEdit

  • Despite a different letter written by Lucy, the outcome of the Battle of the Alamo is unchanged.




Historical Events and FiguresEdit


Episode NotesEdit

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