William H. Seward was the United States Secretary of State under President Abraham Lincoln. Seward was targeted by Lewis Powell in John Wilkes Booth's assassination plot.

In the Timeless Universe Edit

In the original timeline, Seward is stabbed by Powell, but is merely injured and survives. Powell then flees.

In the altered timeline, the conspirators (including Powell) are armed with modern handguns by Garcia Flynn. Powell attempts to assassinate Seward with the new gun, but is blocked by Wyatt Logan. A fist fight between Wyatt and Powell ensued. During the fight, Fanny Seward, William Seward's daughter, witnesses the battle and calls for her father to come and see what is happening. Wyatt kills Powell with two shots to the abdomen. When Seward asks Wyatt what's going on, Wyatt flees.

External Link Edit

Wikipedia William H. Seward at Wikipedia

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